Life Can Be Overwhelming

A Compassionate Therapist Can Help

Serving clients in-person in Tacoma, WA and virtually in 39 PsyPact participating states

Therapy Without Judgement

I welcome clients over the age of 18 of all races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, monogamous to polyamorous to asexual, and adults of all ages. All are welcome and will be approached in sessions without judgement. I aim to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for you when you show up to do the hard work of self-examination and growth.

Face of a man in the forest.

Individual Therapy

Collaboratively, and with compassion, I use integrative therapy methods to help you set and move toward your therapy goals.

Happy interracial couple talking while hiking.

Couples Therapy

By understanding each person’s experience within a relationship, I help you manage conflict, heal from betrayals and build meaningful, lasting connections.

Gay couple looking into each other's eyes.

Couples Therapy Retreats

Understand your relationship at a deeper level in a short time with a one- or two-day couples therapy retreat.

Through Therapy, the World Can Look Brighter

Through therapy, you can:

  • Become more aware of your wants, needs, and boundaries.
  • Develop a clearer understanding of who you are, in all aspects of your identity.
  • Learn to communicate your needs effectively to partners, family, friends, and work colleagues.
  • Feel more in control of your mental health symptoms.
  • Develop your own personalized “tool kit” for navigating symptoms.
  • Feel less controlled by your past experiences and ready to create the experiences you want.

About Tacoma Psychologist, Dr. Erin Tansill

I strive to provide a warm, genuinely caring and compassionate experience in therapy. This is hard work, and I’m here to walk alongside you.

I am trained in evidence-based care and integrate these skills with a humanistic, person-centered approach that permeates my work with both individuals and couples.

Read more about my areas of expertise and the therapy methods I use.

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