Senior couple hiking together and smiling.

Couples Therapy Retreats

Do you want to maximize the impact of your time in therapy? I have found that the depth of understanding, connection formation, and growth is exponential when couples participate in Couples Therapy Retreats. Therapy retreats are not easy! The time we spend together can bring up uncomfortable emotions, and does require you to sit in these emotions for extended periods of time. With that said, however, the time and energy you spend is often very worth the work as these retreats often highlight patterns of interaction, build a foundation to grow from, and can create a meaningful jumping off place to continue to develop your relationship.

Two-day Couples Therapy Retreat

This retreat provides 12 hours of direct clinician time, which includes a comprehensive relationship assessment (utilizing the research-based Gottman Check-up Assessment), time to focus on your specific relationship concerns, and time to practice strategies to help you improve conflict management or one to two other well-defined areas of concern. This time together often deepens your understanding of one another and strengthens your relationship overall. After our time together, I will provide you with a summary of our work together with some recommendations to continue toward your individually-defined relationship goals.

One-day Couples Therapy Retreat

This retreat provides 6 hours of direct clinician time, which includes a more abbreviated version of the relationship assessment, time to focus on the basics of relationship skill building, and some guided feedback from me on recommendations for further growth work.

To schedule your Couples Therapy Retreat, please contact me for a consultation and to discuss available dates.