Couple embracing on a rock in nature.

Couples Therapy

With each client and couple I meet, I come away with a greater understanding of the importance and value of a deeply connected, meaningful relationship. These relationships are empowering, they help us become better versions of ourselves, they help us thrive, and grow, and feel secure and loved.

But what if we didn’t have a great example of how to love someone growing up? Or what if the person/people we have loved in the past have betrayed our trust in deeply painful ways? What if we struggle to communicate our thoughts, fears, and feelings to those who are most important to us?

Couples therapy helps you navigate these concerns, among others. Couples therapy can help you build skills, deepen your understanding of your partner, and communicate your needs, wants, and boundaries more clearly and effectively. It can help you heal from betrayals, re-build trust, and strengthen connection. I utilize both the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy approaches in my work with couples who are interested in improving the quality of their relationship.

If you are considering divorce or separation, I also provide sessions utilizing a Discernment Counseling model to help you to determine whether the relationship you are in is a good fit for both partners involved. I will help you determine what you want from a relationship and whether the one you are in has potential to build into something more connected and meaningful or whether it is better to move in separate directions to find what each of you needs and wants from a relationship.

Options for Couples Therapy

Regular Weekly Couples Therapy

This is the main way I see couples and is often the recommended way to begin therapeutic work. This provides us with a weekly time to work through understanding your goals, wants, and needs as a couple. We will meet for 80-minute sessions, which provides us the time to talk through both partner’s experience of a relationship conflict/area of concern and often find space to creatively problem solve together or to better understand the cycle of interaction you find yourselves in repeatedly.

Ad-Hoc Relationship Consultation

Ad-hoc relationship consultations are best suited for couples who have already worked with me on a weekly basis and have moved into a more “sustaining changes” model of care. These sessions can be a valuable resource for couples who are in less relationship distress but who want to build skills in a specific area (e.g., sexual connection, conflict management), trouble-shoot a specific problem, and/or maintain their relationship with periodic check-ins from a neutral, warm provider.

Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is offered (and sometimes required to move into regular weekly couples therapy) based on my assessment of couples with whom one partner is considering leaving/dissolving the relationship. This form of therapy is typically scheduled appointment to appointment and is a time limited approach consisting of 1 to 5 appointments.

Optional: Get a Jump-Start with a Full Assessment

This 4-hour assessment starts with a comprehensive, research-based Gottman relationship questionnaire and includes time spent with the couple together and each partner separately to gather a comprehensive understanding of where you both stand prior to beginning couples therapy. This assessment is useful for couples who have a spot to begin couples therapy, but would like to get the assessment portion out of the way and get a jump-start on weekly therapy sessions. This is the equivalent of 2 weekly couples therapy sessions and 2 hour long individual appointments all in one day. Feedback about your full assessment will be given at your first weekly couples therapy appointment. Contact me to schedule your assessment.

Couples Therapy Retreats

Spend a day or an entire weekend diving into your relationship with a therapist to support you.